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Frequent hand washing

Frequent hand washing has now become a new habit for everyone. Washing your hands so often every day, do you feel drier and more sensitive? Some people may even have itchy, scaly, and peeling on their skin, especially for those who are already suffering from hand eczema or contact dermatitis! Even so, you still must wash your hands to keep them clean! There are many types of hand-washing products you can choose from. Read the below tips to protect your hands and reduce the risk of developing various skin conditions. 

1. Avoid using soap

Although soap is the most common cleaning product, soap has a high pH that may irritate the skin, especially if you already have sensitive skin. Choose a soap free cleansing product.

2. Moderate water temperature 

Many people may think that the higher the water temperature, the better the sterilisation effect. In fact, using water that is too hot to wash your hands may further irritate the skin. Avoid it. 

3. Avoid too much sanitiser 

Many people think that spraying alcohol after washing hands is safer. In fact, as long as you have cleaned your hands thoroughly, rubbing them from fingertips to the wrist for at least 20 seconds, you should have effectively cleaned your hands. It is not necessary to use alcohol spray afterwards that may irritate your skin. 

4. After washing your hands, apply moisturiser to your hands when they are slightly wet

Harsh cleansers can wash away the natural skin oil. It is best to apply a moisturiser while your hands are still wet to protect your skin. 

5. Use hand sanitiser or moisturiser that is fragrance-free

Fragrance could potentially be allergens to your skin and may cause sensitivity. You may choose products that are fragrance free. 

Pinetarsol Gel - relief from red, itchy and inflamed skin

Pinetarsol Gel is a soap free cleansing gel that can help relieve itchy and inflamed skin conditions. For those who have various skin conditions such as hand eczema and contact dermatitis, Pinetarsol gel can be an alternative to your hand wash to help relieve your itchy and inflamed skin.  Pinetarsol is a gentle and non-steroidal cleansing gel which is a pH balanced, soap-free cleansing gel that will not further irritate your skin. It does not contain steroids, an  effective and safe choice for everyday use.

How to use

Apply to wet skin and gently smooth over your hands. Massage for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. Suitable for use at home, office and on-the-go!


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