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Relieve Itchy and Inflamed Skin

Pinetarsol effectively helps relieve itch and inflammation from a variety of skin conditions:

Breaking the itch-scratch cycle is important as itching can result in continuous scratching, which may:

• Exacerbate the skin condition
• Interfere with topical treatments
• Cause skin breakages
• Result in skin infections

Why Pinetarsol

  • Formulated with natural pine tar to provide effective itch relief
  • pH balanced
  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Soap free
  • Soothing on the skin
  • Steroid free, suitable for everyday use

Keep Pinetarsol in mind

Keep Pinetarsol as a bathroom staple for use at the first sign of itchy and inflamed skin. It works to relieve the sensation of itch rapidly.

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